Saturday, March 28, 2009

Camera update

Who knew that buying a camera on the internet could be so dramatic!! Well it has been an adventure. I waited every day last week for my cute little pink Sony camera to show up and every day was a disappointment, oh how sad it was. So finally I called and sure enough Fed Ex "lost" my camera, it just fell off the tracking list never to be found. So then they had to issue me a credit ( they don't have anymore) and then I had to reorder with another company. It has been very traumatic. So, that is why I haven't yet started the pictures. Hopefully this camera will arrive next week and all will be well. Talk to you all soon. Luv, Lynn

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Camera on its way

Good morning to my 9 followers!! I am so excited to be blogging. I thought I would be content to only be a reader of all the awesome blogs out there but it is so fun to write them too. Last night my friend Tiina (aka DREAM IN CREAM) helped me pick out a new camera so I can take pictures. While on the phone with her I ordered it and now it is on its way. I love the Internet!! Thank you to Time Worn Interiors for her very kind words to me, I wish I could buy all of her skanky ironstone, she has the best I have ever seen. I look forward to posting pictures next week it may take me longer but I think with Tiina and her genius daughters help(Nina) I can get it done. Hang in there with me. Have a great sunday. Luv, Lynn

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Golightlys Antiques

Ok, I am back already. I just want to mention to you all that if you are ever in the area of North Ft. Worth or any where close you must come and visit us at Golightly's, it is one of the coolest stores around(yes, I have a space there but that is besides the point!!) You will love it because it is relatively small, I think about 30 or so dealers. It has a great atmosphere and of course awesome goodies. There is a full range of things from the very nice to the very crusty whatever you desire. There is also a tearoom that is open tues -sat. They do recommend reservations. Also, in the area is Lonestar Antiques, awesome stuff also, say hi to Felicia (Bountiful) you will die when you see her booth. Then a little bit down the road is the ONE and ONLY .....The Funky Monkey, words fail me right now to describe her store. Unbelievable. Please come and visit all of these great places. Luv Lynn

My first post

Hi guys, I have been working on my blog this afternoon, my friend Tiina is a work so I am on my own but I am giving it a try. Of course no pictures yet but hopefully soon. Be sure and go to Golightly Antiques in North Richland Hills for a great shoppin adventure. I hope to be writing more soon. Have a great weekend. Luv, Lynn